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June 18, 2013
Johnny Meatballs & Frankie Antipasto’s New Food Stand at the Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club

Well friends, you have all been patiently awaiting the announcement on my newest venture and now it is 100% official: Johnny Meatballs and Frankie Antipasto are taking over the food court operations at the Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club!

The kids are out of school and that means this coming Saturday and Sunday (June 22 and 23) it is the grand opening of full time summer hours. So Frankie and I will be there to usher in the festivities, serving a variety of hot and cold items. If we are well received, we will continue to be there for the whole summer. We have both been offered the opportunity to open for business on a 7 day a week basis starting at 11am and we can close at our discretion. The pool itself closes each day at 9pm, and we will determine over time how late we will be there based upon the feedback we receive.

This is a new type of venue for us since we are accustomed to one day public festivals, so please bare with us as there may be a little learning curve as we settle into this permanent daily location.

If you want to join the swim club, full time season passes are still available. But you can buy a guest pass for the day for only $5 per person, come swim, and enjoy all of the amenities of this beautiful facility. Now keep in mind, the food court seating area is only open to swim club members or day pass holders.

However, Frankie and I would be doing a disservice to all of our loyal fans if we did not offer the general public a chance to enjoy our food. So you can all visit us by entering the pool parking lot and placing your order through the walk-up gate. Our wait staff will then bring your order to you through the gate. We will be posting a phone number so you can call ahead and we will offer car-side service. (Please note - Bloggers, photographers and other press type visitors, you will have to tell the door attendant who you are and then will be granted access to the snack bar area.)

Now many swim club snack bars have such offerings as chicken fingers and other fried food items... While we intend to eventually expand our menu, right now we are sticking to our specialties which is meatballs and coldcut sandwiches. There's no other swim club where you can get a gourmet meatball sandwich served from a cart, I'll tell you that! Frankie and I plan on making this food stand "the place to be," and as soon as we're rocking and rolling and in our flow, we will invite all of our media friends to help us showcase our unique set up.
Out of the gate we're starting out small, but we will build little by little. While we definitely hope this turns into a full time operation for not just this summer but years to come, how things go on this initial grand opening weekend will dictate a lot of things about our future with this venue. So we hope you all come out and MEAT us, we want your feedback and assistance in making our stand an "attraction" at the swim club just as much as the pool itself and everything else available on the grounds of this amazing facility!!!


We also want to do something extra special for our local friends, so if you are a non swim club member but are a Hasbrouck Heights or Wood-Ridge resident, we will give you a 10 percent discount for opening weekend.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and we look forward to serving you!

Johnny Meatballs – Buon Antipasto Opening Weekend Menu
Johnny Meatball Sandwich
3 Meatballs On A Plate
Sabrett® Hot Dog
Nacho Chips With Cheese Sauce
Coldcut Sandwiches (4 different varieties)
Cup of Coffee (Hot or Iced)
Fruit Cocktail Cup
Protein Bar
Garden Salad

Check our facebook event page (titled: Johnny Meatballs & Frankie Antipasto’s Daily Food Stand at Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club) for pricing, as well as a description of our specific coldcut sandwich selections. We will soon be offering a “Special of the Day.” All of this info will be listed on the swim club website along with our phone number so you can call ahead for quick pick-up.







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