Caffe Vergnano
Caffe Vergnano
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"The finest of Bar blends, created to satisfy the tastes of connoisseurs. The fruity and lightly acid aroma of the washed Arabica from Central and South America matched to the fragrance of the natural African Arabica, mixed to the ideal density of the Indian Robusta for a velvety cream.. Superior quality and taste.

Founded in 1882 by Domenico Vergnano, Caffé Vergnano is now run by the fourth generation of the Vergnano family. Caffé Vergnano imports coffee beans sourced directly from Central and South America. With exacting attention to detail, Vergnano roasts each variety of coffee bean separately before blending it with other beans in order to bring out the most unique character from each particular type. Vergnano coffees are slow roasted at much lower temperatures and about four times as long as most industrial coffees to achieve their mellow, round, and balanced flavors. Vergnano coffee’s aromas and flavor are much more delicate than those of conventional espressos. A lower than average caffeine content makes Caffe Vergnano perfect for after dinner."

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